Legal Terms

  1. I hereby deliver to Tic Tac Technologies Ltd. (Tic Tac) Specific media as written on page 1, in order to diagnose and evaluate whether the information can be recovered.  The cost of service is related to the time and necessary equipment needed to make the recovery successful.  After arriving to the Tic Tac laboratories the media will be evaluated and a price quote will be decided for the recovery process.  The price for evaluation will be 300 NIS if the media delivered has already been tampered and physically opened.   The diagnostic price for RAID is 100 NIS per disk and it takes up to 24 hours. The diagnostic price for emergency case when our labs are closed – 3500 NIS.
  2. Packaging and shipping –  The client is responsible to send the media in a proper package.
    You can ask UPS / local courier driver to get a Tictac package, which they carry in their car. If the drive don’t carry a proper package, please pack the drive by the following instructions:
    Step1: Remove the disk from your computer, remove any brackets and cables.  We only need the disk.  Try not to touch the green circuit board.
    Step2: When possible, put the disk in an anti-static bag to avoid possible damage from static electricity.  Don’t have an anti-static bag? Please use a plastic bag.
    Step3: Package the disk with foam and/or packaging peanuts tightly so that the drive does not shift during shipping.
    Step4: Write your case no. down on the package.  We will contact you as soon as the package arrives to our offices.
  3. If the clients decides not to recover the data after the diagnostic – we client can get the media back with a courier (additional charge of delivery).
  4. Tic Tac Is committed to complete privacy and confidentiality of the materials handled by the recovery team.  Unless stated otherwise by the client, All data used for recovered shall be erased after 7 working days from Tic Tac data base.
  5. Tic Tac is by no way responsible for the transport of the media to and from her offices.  The responsibility of safe transport of the media shall be on the customer, even if the delivery was paid for by Tic Tac.
  6. This form serves as the initial order to begin Recovery work.  The form will be enclosed with the report and become an inseparable part of that report.  The report along with this form will constitute as evidence for undergoing all the aforementioned tasks of Data Recovery, and the mutual agreement for both sides the client and Tic Tac.
  7. A big portion of the payment shall be made before initiating the Recovery service.  Incase the requested amount shall not be paid, Tic Tac is at liberty to refuse continuance of the recovery, and that action will not constitute a breach of this agreement, furthermore the client will not have a right to take any legal action against Tic Tac.
  8. Tic Tac is eligible to develop and recover data given to it by the client and delay delivery of such data due to lack of payments to Tic Tac by the client.  Such delay right; will be joined together with other rights of delaying customer Data.
  9. Tic Tac is entitled to request partial payment for Work already done under the specific request of the client along with interest and any other expenses.  Payment in such cases will be conducted through credit card or bank cheques or Bank transfer.  The payment will be in accordance with the price first agreed and approved upon by both sides before the recovery process begun.
  10. This form will be forwarded to the customer and then delivered back to Tic Tac signed by the customer.  The client on behalf of the Proprietor will be held responsible and identify by using his/her name, address and I.D. card number.  The client will be held responsible for the obligations stated in this contract even if he/she is not entitled to act on behalf of the Proprietor.
  11. Incase no hardware shall be requested back by the client within a period of 60 days from the day of delivery, Tic Tac can take possession of such hardware and is entitled to sell, use for parts or destroy without prior notification of the client.  In such a case Tic Tac will not be held responsible and such neglect of hardware by the client will be considered neglect and abandonment of hardware and will not grant the client to take legal action against Tic Tac.
  12. The client understands that the media that was delivered to Tic Tac may have already been harmed or deleted without ability of recovery.  The client verifies that Tic Tac will not be held responsible as for the status of the media and/or deletion of data from the media, for any reason.  Tic Tac is not responsible for any damage caused as a result of loss of data that was in her possession for any reason.  The maximum liability amount that Tic Tac can be accounted for will be the full data recovery diagnostic fee.
  13. All prices stated above do not include VAT (17% for Israeli citizens only).