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Tic Tac Data Recovery

Tic Tac Data Recovery offers professional data recovery services for all media types – including hard disks, RAID recovery, SSD drives, memory sticks (disk-on-key), and backup tapes. We recover our clients’ data in the event of all types of malfunctions and damage, both physical and logical, on all known operating systems available on the market.

Among our thousands of satisfied clients in Israel, we proudly note the Israeli Ministry of defense (MOD contract number 83168341), major defense industry organizations, law enforcement agencies, National Police, all Israeli universities and hospitals, and most high-tech companies in Israel. We handle over 50% of all data recovery events in Israel, and resolve many thousands of cases each year, achieving a 97% recovery success rate to our clients’ great satisfaction.

Our motto is “No Data – No Money”, in the vast majority of the cases. Our earnings are based on our success, which guarantees the maximum satisfaction of our clients. When the data recovery process is complete, clients receive a list of recovered files. Tic Tac uses an advanced data recovery system that ensures rapid and successful recovery. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Data Recovery

The recovery from the terror attack in Mumbai, India

During January 2009, we successfully recovered a hard drive that was hit in the terror attack in India. The major Israeli TV magazine (channel 2) reported the process of the recovery and the exciting meeting with the family. The full video report

Flash card recovery

April 2017 news

During the last year we have recovered a media containing important data related to the murder of Nurit and Noach Maoz for the Israeli Police.  The full video report

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